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We are ski professionals who fell in love with Hokkaido a long time ago, just like you will when you experience it for yourself. ​An international team of fully qualified ski instructors and mountain guides led by Gabriele Nicotra, an italian instructor/guide who has been spending winters exploring the Hokkaido backcountry since 2013, and the invaluable support of the team at ISS Japan.

Japow has certainly been getting more and more popular with skiers all over the globe but luckily most people seem to be going to the same couple of more known resorts. We prefer to stay off the beaten track, certain to find the same legendary snow conditions but hardly anyone there to share the powder with, so that we can enjoy fresh tracks all day long.


On our adventure trips we keep moving around Hokkaido to give you a good experience of different ski resorts, exploring different terrain, sampling different food, onsen baths and taking in as much of the local culture as possible. 

We believe in the power of connection: we do all that we can to create opportunities for the group to bond and we strive to help every single person to form as many meaningful connections as possible during the trip, from keeping a tight group on the mountains to enjoying downtime together in a thermal bath or eating and drinking and discovering local culture. Ideally we would like for our guests to take away incredible memories but also life-long new friendships.


And besides, as they say, "happiness is only true when shared", so we will be there to share your delight when you have that perfect fresh powder line or when you try the most amazing ramen you ever tasted!

Gabriele Nicotra

Gabriele grew up ski racing in Italy, but quickly realised his true passion lied in exploring the less-traveled routes of the side/backcountry. After spending many years in the French Alps he landed in Hokkaido in 2013 and has been going back every winter since.

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